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2nd TEM&TER Joint Rail and Road / Motorway EG Meeting

2nd TEM and TER Joint Rail and Road/Motorway Follow-up Expert Group Meeting
29 March 2012, Ankara, Turkey

PDFReport of the 2nd Meeting of the Joint Follow-Up Expert Group
PDFRevised Master Plan New data and Requirements – March 2012
PDFReport on the Workshops held in Ankara
PDFConclusions of the Workshop on Road Safety
PDFList of Participants
28 March 2012

PDFDevelopment and Application of Traffic Management System & Electronic Toll Collecting Systems – ASELSAN
PDFITS and Sustainable Transportation System – AustriaTech
PDFTraffic Engineering – FORSTER Metallbau
PDFState of the Art Wheel Detection and Axle Counting Systems – Frauscher Sensortechnik
PDFEngineering and Geology – Geoconsult
PDFARGOS – an accurate wayside train monitoring system – HBM
PDFKey aspects of long railroad tunnels – IC Consulenten
PDFDifficulties in the execution of projects – ILF
PDFITS Solutions for Road Infrastructure – KAPSCH TraffficCom
PDFIntelligent Transport Systems on Turkish Highways – TCK
PDFSlab Track Austria – System ÖBB.PORR – PORR
PDFGIP: the Austrian reference network of ITS – PrismaSolution
PDFCost Efficient Track Maintenance Strategies, Technologies and Machines – Rhomberg Bahntechnik
PDFConstructions-Innovations – Strabag
PDFInvestments in Rail Sector of Turkey – TCDD
PDFWeather Information and Alert Systems on Railroads – Ubimet
PDFElectrical Traction Systems Requirements – Voith GmbH
PDFAccessibility for Public Transport Systems – BP International Consulting
29 March 2012

PDFPresentation of BALO Logistic Organisation
PDFCombined Transport in Slovakia
PDFNew opportunities for TER Project
PDFPrivate Sector Initiatives on Road and Rail Transport Facilitation in Turkey - TÖBB
PDFIntermodal Transport Concept in Turkey – Ministry of Transport of Turkey
30 March 2012

PDF Indonesia Accession to the 1958 Agreement – UNECE Transport Division
PDF Road Safety Actions in Croatia
PDF Actions taken in Turkey – UN Office in Ankara
PDF Actions taken in Turkey – TCDD
PDF Actions taken at EU level
PDF Road Safety Actions in Poland
PDF 1997 Agreement concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions for Reciprocal Recognition of Technical Inspections - UNECE Transport Division