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The Strategic Review of the Integrated Programme of Work (IPoW) for ECE COFFI and FAO EFC Expert Workshop on the first draft of IPoW 2018-2021

22 November 2016
Geneva Switzerland

The Strategic Review is the assessment of the Integrated Programme of Work (IPoW) for the ECE Committee on Forestry and Forest Industry (COFFI) and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC). The Review covers scope, structure and content of the programme, resources, methods, partnerships, outputs, and objectives and work of joint EFC and COFFI subsidiary bodies.

The main objectives of the Strategic Review of the IPoW for COFFI and the EFC are twofold:

evaluate the 2014-2017 IPoW, taking into consideration its implementation, lessons learnt and past experience; and

develop a proposal for the new IPoW for 2018-2021.

This review will be undertaken in the period of 2016-2017, and resulting in the final proposal for the Integrated Programme of Work 2018-21 to be submitted for endorsement to the next joint sessions of COFFI and EFC in autumn 2017.

In the course of the preparatory process, the first draft of the new Integrated Programme of Work will be prepared by the mid of November 2016 by the UNECE/FAO Joint Section taking into account survey results and the implementation of existing IPoW, and presented in an expert workshop in order to give member States and stakeholders an opportunity to engage at the early stage of the new IPoW development.

The workshop and discussion of the first draft of IPoW 2018-2021 will be held on 22 November 2016, in Geneva, Palais des Nations, Salle XXI (10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00 hours). Participation is open to experts from COFFI and EFC member states as well as stakeholders and actors in the work integrated programme of work of COFFI and EFC.

Relevant documents and other details of the workshop will be shared with registered participants. Deadline for the registration is 11th November 2016, COB.

For registration to the event, please click here.

Please kindly raise any questions to both secretaries: Roman Michalak, (, UNECE COFFI Secretary and Ekrem Yazici (, FAO EFC Secretary.