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41st Session of the Joint ECE/FAO Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management

27 - 29 March 2019
Room VIII, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

The Working Party discussed activities undertaken by the Joint Section and provided guidance on future activities.

For more information contact Florian Steierer.

Download information documents and the agenda here in one file (3.5 MB).

Pictures of the meeting are available in this album.

Paper Cave exhibition

From 19 - 29 March, in the Salle des Pas Perdus of the Palais des Nations, the future of wood could be explored! Visitors could wander through a cave entirely made of cardboard, and discover innovative wood products inside. The Paper Cave exhibition showcased innovative wood-derived products of the future which  can help to address raw materials depletion, climate change, and plastic pollution. 

Agenda, Documents and Report

Doc No.


Official Documents




1 Annotated Provisional Agenda
2 Report of the Session
  Report from the 76th session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry

Doc No.


Information Documents
all information documents in one file with agenda (3.5MB)


1 Discussion on boreal forests
2 Green jobs in the forest sector
Titles and symbols of these draft documents may change
- Key findings: Forest sector workforce in the UNECE region: overview of social and economic trends with impact on the forest sector
- Green jobs trends’ and their implications for the forest sector in achieving the objectives of the Rovaniemi Action Plan
- Policy Brief: Green jobs trends’ and their implications for the forest sector in achieving the objectives of the Rovaniemi Action Plan (forthcoming)
-  Draft Guidelines on the promotion of green jobs in forestry (forthcoming)




3 Discussion on forest sector outlook
- ECE/FAO Forest Sector Outlook Study III: Selected Scenarios and Preliminary Results
  Discussion on electronic means for sharing forest-relevant information -
Austria - Climate-smart forests initiative
Canada - State of Canada's Forests report
Finland - eServices for forest owners and service providers
France - applications: Keys to the Forest and Guide for  Communal Forest Managers (in French)
Poland - The web portal of the Forest Data Bank (in English) - and the mobile application
Guidance on Work Areas  

Work Area 1: Data, monitoring, reporting and assessment

Team of Specialists on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management- Report to the Working Party

5 Work Area 2: Policy dialogue and advice
6 Work Area 3: Communication and outreach
ECE/TIM/EFC/WP.2/2019/Inf.6 (updated 4/3/19)
7 Work Area 4: Capacity-building
8 List of Warsaw Integrated Programme of Work activities for 2020
  Compilation of key questions PDF

Information and Registration

Practical information on meetings at the Palais des Nations

Background information


Agenda Item Presentation Title Presenter PDF
2 Outcomes of the 76th COFFI session P. Deda PDF
3 Forest Europe Expert Level Meetings M. Vanco PDF


Why do Boreal Forests Matter (IBFRA)
F. Kraxner PDF
4 Circumboreal Cooperation P. Blomback PDF
5 Green Jobs- ILO perspective W. Katajamäki PDF
5 Employment in the forest sector N. Borzykowski PDF
5 Trends in Green Jobs in the Forest Sector K. Fernholz PDF
5 Green Jobs in the Forest Sector - report and outlook A. Bernasconi PDF
5 Forest Europe - Green jobs activities M. Vanco PDF
5 Guidelines on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector P. Poschen PDF
5 Green Jobs in the Forest Sector - update by the Secretariat A. Kacprzak PDF
5 Results of group work A. Kacprzak PDF
5 Proposal by Sweden G. Jansen PDF
8a Work Area 1 - Forest Resources Assessment R. Michalak PDF
8a ToS SFM Monitoring - report A. Lanz PDF
8a Forest Products Statistics A. McCusker PDF
8a ToS on Forest Products Statistics - report G. Louro PDF
8a Wood Energy F. Steierer and S. Glasenapp PDF
6 Forest Sector Outlook Study L. Fain and J. Prestemon PDF
8a Forest Products Markets and Marketing- ToS on Sustainable Forest Products M. Fonseca and E. O'Dricoll PDF
8b Work Area 2 - Policy Dialogue and Advice E. Yazici PDF
8b Report of the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the ECE Region M. Linn PDF
8b Decade on Ecosystem Restoration P. Csoka PDF
8b Activities Forest Landscape Restoration T. Loeffler PDF
8b 30x30 initiative - World Bank P. Agostini PDF
8b ToS on Forest Policy T. Krejzar PDF
8c Work Area 3 - Communication and Outreach T. Loeffler and L. Meier PDF
8c FAO LoG IDF activity W. Khim PDF
8c CPF activities, FAO IDF activities P. Csoka PDF
8c ToS on Forest Communication - FCN M. Wolicka PDF
8d Work Area 4 - Capacity Building R. Michalak and T. Loeffler PDF
9 Activities of the Committee on Environmental Policy Z. Lomtadze PDF
9 Water-food-energy-ecoystem nexus L. De Strasser PDF
9 The Group of Experts on Renewable Energy G. Sambucini PDF
9 Promoting energy efficiency standards in buildings T. Bassetti PDF
9 Statistics M. Nagy PDF