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Policy brief: Sustainable Urban and Peri-urban Forestry - An Integrative and Inclusive Nature-Based Solution for Green Recovery and Sustainable, Healthy and Resilient Cities (EFR)

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Urban trees, forests, and green spaces have been increasingly recognized as important components of more liveable, healthy, and resilient cities. Functioning urban ecosystems help clean our air and water and to cool urban heat islands. They also help to support our well-being by shielding us from floods and landslides and providing opportunities for recreation. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to increased appreciation of urban trees and forests.
This policy brief identifies opportunities for action to expand sustainable urban and peri-urban forestry (SUPF) in the UNECE region. SUPF is a cost-effective nature- based solution that provides many ecosystem services and benefits that contribute to sustainable development, climate action, biodiversity conservation, combating land degradation, and disaster risk reduction at the local, national, and global levels