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Coordinated Operations of Flexible Coal and Renewable Energy Power Plants: Challenges and Opportunities ENERGY SERIES No. 52 This report argues that coordinated operations of renewable energy and fossil fuel- red power plants could help increase reliability and eciency of the whole system. At the same time, given the inherent
Carbon Capture and Storage – A Key to Climate Change Mitigation (Booklet - December 2015)If the world is to succeed in constraining CO2 emissions to levels consistent with a less than 2°C rise in global temperatures, then carbon capture and storage (CCS) will need to contribute about one-sixth of needed CO2 emission
Cleaner electricity production from fossil fuels - Booklet December 2015Electricity generation through the use of fossil fuels has been a foundational pillar for modern society. Over two thirds of the world’s electricity is generated using fossil fuels. The power sector was designed around fossil fuels