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NEW: The UN Forest Podcast

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We tend to take forests for granted, underestimating how indispensable they are for everyone on the planet.

Each episode of The UN Forest Podcast features special guests and speakers who bring you insights on forests as our strongest allies in fighting climate change and creating a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

Whether you are a forest expert, city planner, passionate about nature or simply an interested citizen, The UN Forest Podcast will inform, inspire and make you realize that the potential of forests goes beyond trees. We all are rooted in forests.


Episode 1: Urban Forests

As cities and communities around the world scale up efforts to cut emissions and prevent dangerous climate change impacts, one area that is often overlooked is trees and forests.

In this episode of The UN Forest Podcast, urban forester Prof. Cecil Konijnendijk joins Architect Stefano Boeri to help us understand why we need to bring nature back into our cities and how we can do so.

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Press release: Urban forests in the spotlight of the first episode of the UN Forest Podcast

Episode 2: Climate change and forests

Forests are one of the solutions to the climate crisis but are also under pressure from climate change itself. What are the strategies to face this complex reality?

In this episode of The UN Forest Podcast, Michelle Yeoh, 2023 Oscar-winning actress and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is joined by Professor Almut Arneth, Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC Special Report on land and climate change, to explore the unique relationship between forests and climate change.

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Press release: Forests and climate change: An Oscar-winning alliance - Michelle Yeoh on the UN Forest Podcast

Episode 3: Building with wood

The future of sustainable building is also one of the oldest construction materials around: wood.

In this episode of “The UN Forest Podcast”, Ms. Nyasha Harper-Michon, architect and activist, “archtivist”, and Ms. Sandra Frank, co-founder of Arvet, discuss the advantages of low-carbon, wood construction.

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Press release: The future of sustainable building is wood


Episode 4 coming soon

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Last update date: September 18, 2023