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Ambassador Yury Ambrazevich


The Commission at its 68th session (9-10 April 2019) elected its new Bureau, with Belarus as Chair;  Romania and Switzerland as Vice-Chairs.

Mr. Yury Ambrazevich joined the diplomatic service of the Republic of Belarus in 1997 after his graduation from the law faculty of the Belarusian State University in Minsk. He started his carrier in the Laws and Treaties Department of the Foreign Ministry. He held different positions in the Ministry and was twice posted in the Belarusian Embassy in Brussels, first, as diplomat responsible for the bilateral cooperation with Belgium and Luxembourg and, second, as Deputy Head of the Mission of Belarus to the European Union and NATO.

In 2012 Mr. Yury Ambrazevich was appointed to the post of the Director of the General Department for multilateral diplomacy in the MFA of Belarus with responsibilities for the UN activities, including sustainable development and human rights. In addition in 2013 he took the position of the Secretary of the National Commission for UNESCO.

During more than 3 years in those capacities he gained the vivid experience of the UN. He led delegations of Belarus to various international forums, including UNCTAD-XIII, and took part in different activities of the UN GA, UNESCO, IAEA, UNICEF, FAO, UNHRC and others. He was the representative of Belarus to the UN GA OWG for SDGs and the member of the national delegation to the UN Conference on sustainable development Rio+20.

He also was the chair of the UN Committee for Programme and Coordination in 2015 and the head of the Belarus delegation for the presentation of the national report to the CESCR in 2014.

In Belarus Mr. Ambrazevich focused on the reinvigoration of the effective partnership between the government and the UNCT. He played an active role in the preparation of the national position on SDGs, of the UNDAF agreement and of national reports for Belarus’s 2d UPR in the UNHRC and some human rights treaty bodies. He contributed into the organization of several national and international events on various development and human rights’ topics in close cooperation with UNDP, UNICEF, UNIDO and other international agencies.

In August 2015 the President of the Republic of Belarus appointed Yury Ambrazevich as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Belarus to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

In Geneva he served as the Vice-chair of the UNECE in 2017-2019 and was the co-chair of the UN HRC Social Forum in 2017 as well as the chair of the Searching committee for the nomination of the next DG of UNAIDS in 2019. Ambassador Ambrazevich currently holds the position of the rapporteur in the bureau of the UNAIDS PCB and of the chair of the group of countries acceding to the WTO. He has been also invested in the CD activities and was entrusted to coordinate different formats of its work.

Ambassador Yury Ambrazevich was born in 1975 in Minsk (Republic of Belarus). He is married with two children.