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Issue-based Coalition on Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable food systems lie at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for   Sustainable Development. To realize the Sustainable Development Goals   (SDGs), the global food system needs to be reshaped to be more   productive, more inclusive of poor and marginalized populations,  environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient, and able to   deliver safe, healthy and nutritious food to all. These are complex and   systemic challenges that require the combination of interconnected   actions  at the local, national, regional and global levels.


The main outcome of the Issue-based Coalition on Sustainable Food Systems is to advocate for and facilitate coordinated support for strengthening sustainable food systems in the region of Europe and Central Asia - through multi-sectoral approaches that capitalize on the expertise of several UN agencies - as an important element of the 2030 Agenda, with a strong focus on the most vulnerable groups, in line with the principle of leaving no one behind.

1. Advocacy: High-level political commitment from member States to strengthen sustainable food systems obtained through multi-sectoral approaches, invovling food, agriculture, health, education sectors among others.
2. Capacity development and knowledge sharing: Capacities developed and improved and knowledge transferred to strengthen sustainable food systems, through support to countries in developing and implementing appropriate policy measures, including through the provisioning of statistics, analytical tools and guidelines, and sharing best practices from within and outside the region. in Central Asia and Caucasus, the Regional Nutrition Capacity Development and Partnership Platform will be utilized and consulted for capacity development.
3. Emergency preparedness and response: Technical support provided to countries in a coordinated manner to strengthen countries' preparedness and response to food systems challenges caused by disasters and emergencies (including COVID-19).

Materials of the IBC on Sustainable Food Systems:


            Food Systems Talk 1: Scaling up nutrition as part of food systems transformation.
            Watch the video.


For further information, please see the Terms of Reference and the Work Plan for 2020.