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REC contribution

How to Integrate Sustainable Development Skills and Values into Educational Reforms.
Global environmental challenges we face today require sweeping changes to the way we think, behave, and work. This requires an equally significant reform of the way in which we view education. Formal education needs to integrate key sustainability related knowledge, skills, and values across curricula for a holistic and systemic change towards the future we want to see. Educational reforms take years to pilot and remain in place for generations which is why this approach must be taken for all countries implementing them. One of the best examples of this approach is the regional framework program “ESD in the Western Balkans: Education for Sustainable Futures”, which was implemented from 2011-2017.
The Program was internationally recognized as a best practice in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe evaluation report “10 Years of the UNECE Strategy on ESD, 2005-2015”. This video was made for policy makers and educational professionals, including teachers, as well as civil society actors in the field of education and environment. It presents methodologies on how sustainable development concepts can be integrated into educational reforms. To access language versions in Serbian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Ukrainian, or Russian please go to the REC YouTube Channel at
For more information about the Program, please go to our project website at or contact the program leader Brendan Duprey [email protected] for more details.