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Workshop on Access to Justice

17 - 19 September 2001
Tallin Estonia

The aim of the workshop was to discuss issues of access to justice and to provide input to the draft handbook. The report of the workshop was presented to the Working Group for the preparation of the first meeting of the Parties at its first meeting in November 2001.

Relevant documents   ENG  FRE RUS
Report of the workshop   PDF PDF PDF
Final list of participants   PDF    
Provisional agenda for the workshop   PDF    
Questions to be considered for discussion at the workshop   PDF    
First draft Handbook on Access to Justice (September 2001)   DOC   DOC
Letter from the lead country, 10 April 2001   PDF    
Invitation to the Workshop, 4 July 2001   PDF    
Report of the second meeting of the Signatories   PDF PDF PDF