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Twenty-eighth meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention

02 - 04 July 2024
Salle XXVI, Palais de Nations Geneva Switzerland

The twenty-eighth meeting of the Convention’s Working Group of the Parties (WGP28) will take place in Geneva on 2-4 July 2024 (Palais des Nations, Salle XXVI).

The Working Group is expected to review the progress in implementing the current work programme and discuss a number of items, including progress achieved in promoting access to information, public participation and access to justice, and in ratification of the Convention's amendment on genetically modified organisms; financial matters; and promotion of the Convention and relevant developments and interlinkages. The Working Group will also consider the impact of the war in Ukraine on the implementation of the Convention. Two thematic sessions, on access to justice and on promoting the application of the principles of the Convention in international forums, will be held during the meeting. See agenda for the meeting and more information below. Other documents will be uploaded on this webpage in due course.

Key dates to remember:

Registration for delegates requesting financial support: 15 May 2024
Registration for other delegates: 8 June 2024
Subscribing to the Speaker’s list: 18 June 2024
Submitting statements: 18 June 2024

For additional information, contact the Aarhus Convention secretariat at public.participation[at]

Organization of work

The meeting will be held in an in-person format. Only in-person presence of Parties will be counted for decision-making. In addition, the secretariat is exploring possible options for remote connection for the registered participants, and will provide you with more details closer to the meeting.  As for all UN public meetings, not registered participants can also connect to the meeting through audio means:


Pursuant to Rule 27 of the Rules of Procedure, and in order to facilitate meeting proceedings, delegations willing to take the floor are requested to subscribe to the Speaker’s list by 18 June 2024 by specifying under what agenda item(s) the delegation is willing to intervene. To assist interpretation, delegations are invited to provide the secretariat with the text of the statement(s) by the same date. Please let the secretariat know if you wish to make your statement publicly available prior to the meeting. Otherwise, the statements will not be made publicly available and will be shared with interpreters only. In addition, there will be also opportunity for spontaneous interventions if time permits.

Please submit the above information to the secretariat at  public.participation[at], indicating in the subject line “WGP-28 statements”.

Registration, Visa and Financial Support

All participants attending WGP28 meeting are requested to register online as soon as possible through the following link:  

We recommend using Google Chrome browser for the online meeting registration. Please ensure that you provide us with your telephone, and postal and email addresses, which can be made publicly available through the list of participants.

To ensure that you receive all important correspondence about the meetings and that the secretariat is able to make all required practical and other arrangements on time, we urge participants to register online as soon as possible, even if you hold a UNOG ground entry pass.

Delegates are requested to modify registration any time after the registration is submitted in case of changes in their participation or other details provided in the registration form.

Participants requiring a personal invitation letter for visa purposes should click on the “visa required” option and register for the meeting as early as possible, taking into account the period required to obtain the visa.

The secretariat will be in a position to support limited number of delegates from countries with economies in transition, eligible for financial support, selected speakers and NGOs.  Please indicate your request for financial support in Indico registration form by the deadline.

Representatives of Governments applying for financial support are also requested to upload in Indico the duly signed  financial support request form . Kindly note that financial support request would be considered only after submission of duly filled in financial support request form and online registration through the link mentioned above.

NGO and other participants applying for financial support should indicate their request in the Indico registration form by the deadline.

Deadline for registration with financial support: 15 May 2024

Deadline for registration without financial support: 8 June 2024

Health-related matters

Delegates are requested to check all requirements regarding medical and other relevant insurance prior to the travel. Please be informed that any medical, quarantine or other possible expenses will be borne by your Organisation and/or insurance, as the United Nations do not take any responsibility for possible health-related consequences. 

Practical information

Wireless internet is available in all meeting rooms. Note that electrical power plugs and sockets are unique to Switzerland within the UNECE region (type J, three-pin, 230 V, 50 Hz), and respectively require an adaptor, though slim two-pin plugs (type C) will fit.

In addition, please note that you can drink tap water at the Palais des Nations. As there will be no drinking water served in the meeting room, we encourage delegates to bring reusable bottles or containers for tap water.

Delegates are only allowed to enter the Palais with what is considered as carry-on luggage, e.g. computer bags, rucksacks and hand bags. There is no luggage storage available at the Palais. Delegates remain responsible for the luggage they bring to the Palais throughout their stay.

For additional practical information, please consult: and

Thematic session on Access to Justice

Documents for the Thematic session on Access to Justice will be made available in due course.

Thematic session on Public Participation in International Forums

Documents for the Thematic session on promoting the application of the principles of the Convention in international forums will be made available in due course.


Statement by Group of Experts on promotion of the principles of the Aarhus Convention in the work of International Seabed Authority  PDF