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Ninth meeting of the Task Force on Access to Justice under the Aarhus Convention

14 - 15 June 2016
Salle VII, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

The ninth meeting of the Task Force on Access to Justice  took place from 14 June 2016 to 15 June 2016 (morning) in Geneva (Palais des Nations, Salle VII). The meeting was organised back to back to the twentieth meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to be held on from 15 June 2016 (afternoon) to 17 June 2016 (morning).

The present meeting aimed to provide a platform for exchanging information on key recent developments concerning legislation, policy and case law with regard to the implementation of the third pillar of the Convention. The thematic session of the meeting focused on the scope of review. In particular, delegates discussed what decisions, acts or omissions could be the subject of administrative appeal and judicial review in accordance with article 9 of the Convention, what could be the grounds for their review and to what extent both procedural and substantive issues may be reviewed. Furthermore, the participants also discussed emerging or systemic issues that could receive priority for the future work of the Task Force.

The meeting was preceded by a special session for representatives of judiciary, judicial training institutions and other review bodies on 13 June 2016.


The background material for the meeting includes relevant information derived from 2014 national implementation reports and the synthesis report as well as the Convention’s Implementation Guide, the analytical studies and the jurisprudence database developed under auspices of the Task Force.


Documents Title ENG FRE RUS
Provisional agenda for the meeting (AC/TF.AJ-9/Inf.1) PDF    
Provisional list of speakers PDF    
Key outcomes of the meeting (AC/TF.AJ-9/Inf.3) PDF    
List of participants PDF    
Item 2. Promoting effective access to justice: recent developments      
2014 Synthesis report on the status of implementation of the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2014/6) - see paras. 152-189 & 234 PDF PDF PDF
Recent findings of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee of a systemic nature concerning access to justice (AC/TF.AJ-9/Inf.2) PDF    
Statement by the national focal point of Armenia     PDF
Statement by the national focal point of Serbia PDF    
Statement by Environment Links UK PDF    
Statement by Justice and Environment PDF    
Item 3. Thematic focus: scope of review      
Scope of review in the selected countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (draft summary report) DOC   DOC
Item 4. The way forward      
Note by the Chair of the Task Force on Access to Justice on possible future directions for the work (AC/WGP-20/Inf.3) PDF    


Statements and Presentations

Item 2. Promoting effective access to justice: recent developments      
(a) Update on legislative, policy and case-law developments      
Mr. Jan Darpo, Uppsala University, Sweden
Chair of the Task Force
Ms. Fruzsina Bogos, European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment PDF    
Ms. Dawn Sanderson & Mr. James Hore, United Kingdom (via video-link) PDF    
Mr. Thomas Schomerus, Leuphana University, Germany PDF    

Mr. Beibut Shermukhametov, Supreme Court, Kazakhstan
- Statement
- Presentation





(b) Update on capacity-building initiatives      
Ms. Matanat Asgarova, Academy of Justice, Azerbaijan PDF    
3. Thematic focus: scope of review      
Mr. Daniel Lamfried, Germany PDF    
Mr. Kaspar Sollberger, Switzerland PDF    

Ms. Nanna Magnadóttir, Environmental and Natural Resource Board of Appeal, Iceland
- Statement
- Presentation


Ms. Carol Day, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, United Kingdom PDF    
Mr. Dmytro Skrylnikov, Bureau of Environmental Investigations, Ukraine PDF