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National workshop related to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes: South Sudan’s accession process

18 - 19 July 2024
Juba South Sudan

With a view to possible accession of South Sudan to the Water Convention, a national workshop is now being convened on 18-19 July 2024 in Juba to raise broader awareness of the Convention and develop a road map for accession.

Workshop objectives

The general objective of the workshop is to inform stakeholders about the Water Convention, to share about the processes initiated by Government of South Sudan to become party to the Water Convention and to discuss the next steps in the accession process.

Specifically, the workshop will allow to:

  • Inform stakeholders about the Water Convention;
  • Identify the benefits, possible advantages and strategic objectives of a possible accession to the Convention by South Sudan
  • Inform about the accession process, benefits and implementation by new African Parties;
  • Discuss the practical implementation of the Water Convention to meet the challenges of water resource management in South Sudan, based on the experience of existing Parties;
  • Present the initiatives started by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation as part of South Sudan’s accession process to the Water Convention;
  • Hold a Question and Answer session to respond to questions from stakeholders about the Water Convention;
  • Discuss the next steps and road map in the accession process and the contribution of this process to South Sudan’s trans-boundary and national water management.

Expected results

The expected results pursued through this workshop are:

  • Stakeholders are informed about the cooperation framework of the Water Convention at the global level and discuss the future engagement of South Sudan  with the Convention’s Programme of Work 2022-24;
  • The advantages for States to become party to the Water Convention are presented;
  • Update on the efforts initiated for South Sudan’s accession to the Convention is presented;
  • The actors are informed on the next steps of the accession process and the contribution of this process to South Sudan’s national water management and transboundary water cooperation are discussed;
  • Actors define a roadmap, with key milestones agreed, for accession to the Water Convention.


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