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Consultative meeting on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in South-Eastern Europe

05 December 2023
Vienna Austria

The purpose of the consultative meeting is to facilitate the implementation of the Espoo Convention, the Protocol on SEA and the Bucharest Agreement in the region through the effective application of transboundary SEA and EIA procedures.

The objectives of the meeting have been defined as follows:

  • To strengthen knowledge and capacities of National Focal Points on transboundary consultations in EIA and SEA;
  • To identify challenges and gaps of the countries related to the transboundary consultations and procedures in EIA and SEA, as well as to the ratification of relevant agreements;
  • To address differences in implementation practices at national level;
  • To facilitate the establishment of a network of the National Focal Points to the Espoo Convention;
  • To promote actions to facilitate consultations and share of information, as well as to coordinate transboundary EIA and SEA procedures more effectively.

Meeting documents

53985 _ Agenda _ 385571 _ English _ 773 _ 399367 _ pdf