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ECE.MP.WH.CC.COM.1 Portugal

Information on matters considered by the Committee

Communication by Earthjustice

Portugal failed to submit its summary report within the second reporting exercise (ECE.MP.WH.CC.COM.1).

Initial communication on 24 November 2014 (Portugal)

Document   Status Date received
or posted by
the secretariat
Communication ECE.MP.WH.CC.COM.1 PDF Completed 24 November 2014
Datasheet PDF Completed 17 February 2015
Preliminary determination on admissibility PDF Completed 17 February 2015
Letter to the Party informing about the communication PDF Completed 17 February 2015
Findings and recommendations with regard to case ECE/MP.WH/CC/CI/1 initiated by the Committee concerning compliance by Portugal (Adopted by the Compliance Committee on 15 July 2015) PDF Completed 25 January 2016
Last update date: November 29, 2020