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The Republic of Moldova Decision IV/9d

Document Status Date received or posted by the secretariat
Decision IV/9d of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by the Republic of Moldova with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2011/2/Add.1) (ENG, FRE and RUS) Adopted by the Meeting of the Parties at its 4th session 01.07.2011

Transmittal letter to the Permanent Mission

Reminder letter to the Republic of Moldova regarding the implementation of the decision IV/9d

From the secretariat 09.11.2011
Letter from Party concerned and progress report on implementation of decision IV/9d
National Action Plan (RUS) (ENG) and its annex (RUS) (ENG)
Progress report from Party concerned 01.12.2011
Letter to the communicant after CC-36    From the secretariat 09.05.2012
Letter after CC-38 From the secretariat 08.10.2012
Progress report From the Party concerned 03.12.2012
Letters to the Party and to the communicant of C/30 after CC-39 From the secretariat 22.01.2013

Email on the report

From the communicant (C/30)


Letter after CC-40

From the secretariat

Letter to the Party after CC-41 From the secretariat 15.07.2013
Comments on progress by the Party From the communicant 27.08.2013
Progress report and annexes Water Law, Act on PRTR Protocol, draft Act on Environmental Information RUS ENG, draft Act on Environmental Protection RUS ENG (extracts) and Amendment of Regulation 187 From the Party concerned 12.09.2013
Statement at CC-42 RUS ENG From the Party concerned 26.09.2013
Letter after CC-42 From the secretariat 19.11.2013
Response to the Committee's questions From the Party concerned 17.12.2013
Letter to the Party concerned and communicant enclosing draft report to MOP5 From the secretariat 25.02.2014
Comments on the draft report to the Meeting of the Parties From the communicant 26.02.2014
Report to the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by The Republic of Moldova with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2014/18)  ENG FRE RUS   30.05.2014