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Decision VII/8g concerning Germany

Document Status Date received or posted by the Secretariat

Decision VII/8g of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Germany with its obligations under the Convention


Adopted by the Meeting of the Parties at its 7th session 21.10.2021
Invitation to open session at Committee's 73rd meeting on how to prepare Germany’s plan of action From the secretariat 06.12.2021
Email to the Party concerned forwarding the Committee’s Information Note and template for the plan of action From the secretariat 07.02.2022
Plan of action From the Party concerned 15.06.2022
Email inviting comments from communicant and observer on plan of action From the secretariat 04.07.2022
Email informing Party concerned that Committee has concluded plan of action appears appropriate From the secretariat 12.12.2022
Observer statement
Annex: Judgment no. 4 A 102/22 HAL, dated 01.12.2022 GER
From observer Wildfleck 09.02.2023
Letter to Party concerned reminding of deadline for first progress report From the secretariat 01.09.2023