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ACCC/C/2022/194 United Kingdom

Case status: Pending.
Follow-up: -
Topics: Public participation.
Articles alleged: 8.
Articles considered by the Committee: -
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: -
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 10 August 2022 by the non-governmental organization WWF-UK and others. The communication alleged non-compliance by the United Kingdom with article 8 of the Convention with respect to public participation in decision-making on free trade agreements.  

Document Status Date received
posted by the secretariat
Communication and list of annexes
Annex 1-25
From the communicants 10.08.2022
Cover letter enclosing comments on preliminary admissibility
Annex 1: Modern Treaty Law and Practice by Anthony Aust
Annex 2: House of Lord’s judgment J. H. Rayner (Mincing Lane) Ltd v DTI, 1990
Annex 3: Judgment Heathrow Airport Ltd v HM Treasury, 2021
From the Party concerned 08.09.2022
Statement on preliminary admissibility From the communicants 13.09.2022
Oral statement on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 13.09.2022
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicants enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's response From the secretariat 12.12.2022
Response to communication 
Index to annexes
Annexes 1-16
Annexes 17-32
Annexes 33-48
From the Party concerned 12.05.2023
Comments on the Party's response 
Index to annexes
Annexes 1-5
Annexes 6-10
Annexes 11-15
From the communicants 03.08.2023