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ACCC/C/2015/126 Poland

Case status: Pending.
Topics: Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 6; 7; 9.
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 26 January 2015 by an NGO, Healthy Municipality Association (Poland). The communication alleged the failure by Poland to comply with its obligations under the Convention in relation to the construction of an overhead power line. Specifically, the communicant alleges that the Party concerned failed to ensure compliance with article 6, 7 and 9 of the Convention with respect to the construction of the powerline.

Document Status Date received or
posted by the secretariat
Communication (since superseded by re-submitted communication received on 10.11.2015 - see below)
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6
Annex 7
Annex 8
Annex 9
Annex 10
Annex 11
From the communicant 26.01.2015
Letter to the communicant regarding use of domestic remedies From the secretariat 28.05.2015
Table regarding use of domestic remedies From the communicant 08.06.2015
Comments on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 26.06.2015
Letter regarding available domestic remedies From the communicant 02.07.2015
Letter to communicant requesting further information From the secretariat 06.10.2015
Email enclosing cassation complaint to Supreme Administrative Court dated 23.12.2014 From the communicant 04.11.2015
Re-submitted communication
Annex 1: List of acronyms
From the communicant 10.11.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat 11.03.2016
Response to the re-submitted communication From the Party concerned 11.08.2016
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicant to hearing at Committee's 60th meeting From the secretariat 29.01.2018

Presentation for hearing at Committee's 60th meeting

Annex 1: EIA decision

From the Party concerned 13.03.2018
Presentation for hearing at Committee's 60th meeting From the communicant 13.03.2018
Letter enclosing questions from the Committee to the communicant and the Party concerned From the secretariat 19.07.2018
Covering letter enclosing reply to the Committee’s questions
Annex 1: Decision DOOŚ-OAI.4202.3.2013.AŁ.7 EN PL
Annex 2: II OSK 1076 15 Judgment NSA EN PL
Annex 3: IV SA Wa 308 14 Judgment WSA in Warsaw EN PL
Annex 4: Notices from the Regional Directorate PL
Annex 5: Notices from the Voivode with decisions and complaints of Municipality EN PL
Annex 6: Substitute Order EN PL
Annex 7: Decision on the manner of considering comments to the Substitute Order EN
From the Party concerned 19.09.2018
Reply to Committee's questions PL EN
Annex 1: Domestic remedies used EN
Annex 2: List of abbreviations EN
Annex 3.1.1: Inquiry to Agricultural Social Insurance Fund PL EN
Annex 3.1.2: Answer about the lack of research PL EN
Annex 3.1.3: Application for information to District Sanitary-Epidemiological Station PL EN
Annex 3.1.4: Food Safety and Inspection Service reply PL EN
Annex 3.1.5: Asking for an opinion to the Agricultural Chamber PL EN
Annex 3.1.6: Query by National Farmers' Union PL
Annex 3.1.7: Bakałarzewo dismissal of GDOŚ PL
Annex 3.1.9: GDOŚ decision, refusal of expertise, p.26 PL
Annex 3.2.1: Comments of the residents of the Bakałarzewo commune to EIA (246 signatures) PL
Annex 3.2.2: RDEP opinion 400 kV Dzikie Mazury EN
Annex 3.2.3: Bakałarzewo appeal against the decision of RDOŚ PL
Annex 3.2.4: Appeal to GDOŚ Warsaw PL
Annex 3.2.5: Complaint of the WSA GDOŚ Warsaw PL EN
Annex 3.2.6: Partnership of Dzikie Mazury, NSA cassation complaint PL
Annex 3.3.1: Decision RDOŚ PL
Annex 3.3.2: Decision GDOŚ PL
Annex 3.3.3: WSA Wawa judgment 25.09.2014 PL
Annex 3.3.4: Bakałarzewo judgment NSA PL
Annex 4.1.1: Investor's request to the Voivode PL EN
Annex 4.1.2: Investor's suggestions to the commune head PL EN
Annex 4.1.3: Design assumptions for the rejection of the cable line PL EN
Annex 4.1.4: Residents' request for a cable line PL EN
Annex 4.1.5: Comments of local community on spatial plan PL EN
Annex 4.1.6: Comments of local community on spatial plan_list of signatures PL
Annex 4.2.1: The mayor's request to the investor to accept the comments of the residents PL EN
Annex 4.2.2: List of comments not taken into account in Study Bakalarzewo municipality No.30 PL EN
Annex 4.2.3: List I of comments taken into consideration in Study Bakalarzewo Municypality No.30 PL EN
Annex 4.2.4: Comments included in the Local Action Plan No. 31 PL EN
Annex 4.2.5: Comments not included in the Local Action Plan No. 31 PL
Annex 4.2.6: List I of remarks taken into consideration PL EN
Annex 4.2.7: Resolution of Bakalarzewo Municipality on withdrawal from adopting the change of the Study PL EN
Annex 4.3.1: Evidence of manipulation of information by the administration and the investor PL EN
Annex 4.3.2: Legal suggestions of the investor to the Voivode PL
Annex 4.3.3: Investor's urging to investor PL
Annex 4.3.4: Commune's concerns about health and the underground line PL EN
Annex 4.3.5: Commune to the Voivode - confirmation of the residents' fears PL EN
Annex 4.3.6: Commune is withdrawing from the study. Investor has not changed the route of the line PL EN
Annex 4.3.7: Voivode is not required to consult PL EN
Annex 4.3.8: Voivode's reply to individual PL
Annex 4.3.9: Voivode's reply to residents PL
Annex 4.3.10: Substitutional management of the Podlaskie Voivodeship - 16.06.2014 PL
Annex 5.1: Justification to the resolution of commune council regarding EU funding pressure PL
Annex 5.2: Letter_LitPolLink_to_Parliament EN
Annex 5.3: WSA Wawa judgment 25.09.2014 (highlighted) PL
From the communicant 19.09.2018
Comments on communicant's reply to the Committee's questions From the Party concerned 16.10.2018
Comments on the Party concerned's reply to the Committee's questions From the communicant 19.10.2018
Comments on the Party concerned’s comments on the communicant’s reply to the Committee’s questions
Annex: Press release PL
From the communicant 16.11.2018
Comments on the communicant's letter of 16 November 2018 From the Party concerned 19.12.2018
Comments on the Party concerned´s letter of 19 December 2018
Annex 1: Press article regarding protests PL
Annex 2: Press article on website "Local Government Portal" of 8 September 2016 PL
Annex 3: Letter to European Commission PL
Annex 4: Information regarding OHL capacity LIT
From the communicant 17.02.2019
Comments on the communicant's letter of 17 February 2019 From the Party concerned 08.04.2019
Comments on the Party concerned’s letter of 8 April 2019
Annex 1: English translation of annex 4 to communicant’s comments of 17 February 2019
Annex 2: Protocol of LITGRID AB Board Meeting of 15 February 2019 LIT ENG
From the communicant 23.05.2019
Comments on the communicant's letter of 25 May 2019 From the Party concerned 25.06.2019
Comments on the Party concerned's letter of 25 June 2019 From the communicant 04.07.2019
Comments on the communicant’s letter of 04.07.2019 From the Party concerned 25.07.2019
Email to parties From the secretariat 30.07.2019