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Study tour to Georgia for innovation policymakers from the SPECA sub-region

10 July (9:00) - 11 July (17:00) 2023
Tblisi Georgia

Building on strong interest from the SPECA participating countries on the topic of business incubators, the SPECA Working Group on Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development on 20 July 2022 welcomed a proposal to set up a SPECA Network of Business Incubators and Accelerators for Sustainable Development. This Network is a platform for dialogue and exchange on issues, challenges and solutions, as well as best practices related to innovative entrepreneurship support through business incubators and accelerators in the SPECA sub-region. 

Under the Network, several online trainings have been organized to develop the capacity of policymakers but also of entrepreneurs, of the staff of business support institutions and the universities and other organisations who host such institutions. With over 100 participants attending each training, these events have disseminated the good practices contained in the UNECE policy handbook “Business Incubators for Sustainable Development in the SPECA Sub-region” to a broad audience. The events have also highlighted the importance of aligning the work of business support institutions with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To further support the progress in the sub-region towards the SDGs via innovation, UNECE is organizing a 2-day study tour to Tbilisi, Georgia. The SPECA participating countries have expressed strong interest in learning from the Georgian experience on building a strong innovation ecosystem. Consequently, the tour will provide an overview of the national innovation system and entrepreneurship support structures in Georgia, and highlight best practices that may also be applied in the SPECA sub-region.

The study tour targets policymakers from the national innovation ministries or agencies of SPECA participating countries. 


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