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Discussion on Enhancing Cooperation with the World Bank

On 26 June 2019, the Special Envoy met with two Vice-Presidents of the World Bank, Mr. Makhtap Diop, Vice-President for Infrastructure and Mr. Haart Schafer, Vice-President for South Asia, to discuss the ways to further enhance their cooperation.
The Special Envoy shared about his meetings earlier this year with World Bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Senior Director of its Transport Global Practice. He further expressed appreciation for World Bank’s support to UN Road Safety Trust Fund, demonstrated by high-level representation at its Advisory Board and encouraged personal attendance during the next meeting in September 2019. He also applauded Bank’s commitment to road safety signified by administering Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) and the important consideration to road safety in Bank’s operations and transport-related projects, as per its new environmental and social framework. 

Together they discussed the upcoming mission of the Special Envoy jointly with World Bank Vice-President for South Asia to Bangladesh, aimed at delivering their joint commitment to supporting the government in improving its road safety records and reducing road traffic fatalities in Bangladesh.