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Automated driving

Automated driving a UNECE - a short overview:
Framework document for automated/autonomous vehicles:
 PDF (French/English/Russian)
UNECE is at the centre of the legal and regulatory work needed to realize the vision of new sustainable mobility and support the mass introduction of autonomous vehicles on the roads. It started dedicated work on this issue back in 2014.
UNECE strongly contributes to enabling automated driving functionalities as it is hosting the Multilateral Agreements and Conventions ruling the requirements and the use of these technologies.
The relevant fora (e.g. GRVA, WP.1 and WP.29) are following the technical progress with the aim of ensuring that the benefits of these new technologies can be captured without compromising safety and other progress achieved during the last decades (e.g. border crossing, interoperability etc.)
UNECE liaises with all stakeholders having an interest in this work, the automotive, IT, Telecomms, insurance industries, the governments and REIOs, the consumer organisations as well as the international organisations such as OECD/ITF/CPB, ITU, G7 transport ministers etc.