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Gender Action Plan Repository

Organizations wishing to implement standards-related gender action plans as described in UNECE Recommendation U on Gender-Responsive Standards often face challenges which have been faced by other organizations. WP.6 has developed a template of questions in order to gather country experiences in this area, outlining the challenges and best practices they have experienced. It is hoped that there will be a critical mass of responses which will allow to consolidate the responses into a publication which can help bring forward best practices and assist potential implementors to find solutions in their roll out of gender action plans.

Organizations that would like to contribute their standards-related gender action plan can do so using the official template to [email protected]

These use cases do not engage the United Nations or Working Party 6 in any way and they do not constitute an endorsement of any kind. Submissions are presented as is and were only checked for grammar and spelling.


Submission year

Standards Australia  2023
Austria ASI 2022
Canada SCC 2023
Ecuador INEN 2022
Europe CEN-CENELEC 2023
ISO 2023
New Zealand SNZ 2023
Rwanda RSB 2022