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Data collection and data sources

We bring together experts working in many different aspects of data collection, ranging from the positioning of collection activities within the structure of statistical organizations to the technologies and tools that facilitate efficient collection.  Our focus is not on the technical aspects of collection instruments and processes, but on the strategic level, bringing together data collection managers and cutting across statistical domains.  The overarching goal of this work is to facilitate exchange of experience and best practices within and between statistical organizations.  
Work in this area covers topics such as:
  • New data sources
  • Mixed-mode and multi-source collection
  • Risk management in using new tools and sources
  • Improving the respondent experience
  • Centralization of collection and economies of scale
  • Synergies with dissemination and communication teams in order to better address respondents
  • Mobile devices
  • International collaboration in data collection


Data collection wiki
Big data wiki  and big data inventory
ASSIST - the UNECE knowledge base on the use of Administrative and secondary sources in STatistics
Using administrative and secondary sources for official statistics (2012). Also available in Russian.

Register-based statistics in the Nordic countries - Review of best practices with focus on population and social statistics (2007). Also available in Russian.