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Dissemination and communication

Presenting official statistics effectively is crucial to support informed decision-making at government, business and private level.

We bring together experts working in dissemination, communication and branding of official statistics and statistical information, to facilitate exchange of experience and promote good practices within the international statistical community.  Our work covers issues as diverse as: dissemination and communication outcomes, tools, processes, and strategic approaches related to communicating with users of official statistical products and services.
Work in this area covers topics such as:
  • Social media
  • Apps, APIs and open data
  • Digital publishing
  • Building and maintaining the credibility of official statistics
  • Statistical literacy
  • Communication with the media
  • Management of dissemination/communication functions and linkage to data collection
  • International collaboration


Dissemination and communication wiki

Getting the facts right. Also available in Russian

Making data meaningful. Available in various languages:
Part 1: A guide to writing stories about numbers
Part 2: A guide to presenting statistics
Part 3: A guide to communicating with the media
Part 4: A guide to improving statistical literacy

Statistical confidentiality and disclosure protection