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Amendments to the TIR Convention

12 April 2005
The Secretary General of the United Nations, in his capacity as depositary, has issued the following depositary notifications with regard to pending amendments to the TIR Convention:
1) C.N.216.2005-TREATIES-1 of 24 March 2005, containing a proposal of amendment of a new Explanatory Note 0.1.(b) to Article 1 b of the TIR Convention;
2) C.N.218.2005-TREATIES-2 of 24 March 2005, containing a proposal of amendments to Annex 2, Article 3, paragraphs 9 and 10 and to Annex 7, Part I, Article 4, paragraphs 9 and 10;
Both amendment proposals will enter into force on 1 October 2005, unless the Secretary-General of the United Nations is notified of objections to the amendments not later than 1 July 2005.