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Access to the International TIR Data Bank (ITDB) possible as of 1 July 2001

4 July 2001

The TIR Executive Board (TIRExB) is, inter alia, responsible for the coordination and the exchange of intelligence and other information among competent authorities of Contracting Parties as well as between competent authorities of Contracting Parties, national associations and international organizations.

To this end, the TIRExB has been instructed to establish and maintain an international data bank on authorized TIR Carnet holders, accessible to all Contracting Parties.
The International TIR Data Bank (ITDB), operated by the TIR secretariat, contains, at present, information on more than 31,000 persons authorized to utilize the TIR system.
Following the introduction of the identification (ID) number of the TIR Carnet holder in the TIR Carnet as of 1 April 2001, the TIRExB, at its tenth session (14-17 May 2001) has decided to provide access to the information contained in the ITDB.
As a first step, access is limited to authorized TIR Customs Focal points only, i.e. to Customs officials who are registered by the TIR secretariat and who are responsible for contacts between Customs authorities, the TIR secretariat, the national associations and the IRU on the application of the TIR procedure. The Customs Focal points can request to receive so-called "contact information" of authorized TIR Carnet holders (ID number of the TIR Carnet holder, name of person(s)/enterprise, business address, name and telephone, fax number and/or e-mail address of contact point of the person(s)/enterprise). The objective of the data provided is to facilitate inquiry procedures by Customs authorities following termination of the TIR procedure. At a later stage, wider access, possibly on-line, to the ITDB will be considered.
For more information, please contact the TIR secretariat, e-mail: ([email protected]).