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UNECE work on transport statistics

The UNECE Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) is an intergovernmental body dealing with the development of appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonization of statistics as well as the collection of data from member States and the dissemination of these data:

  • Development of appropriate and common methodologies and terminology for the harmonization of statistics. This includes: methodologies for the collection and compilation of statistics on road, rail, inland waterway, pipeline and combined transport as well as on road traffic accidents, in cooperation and coordination with other UNECE bodies, related international organizations, in order to promote the availability of comprehensive and reliable statistics for sustainable transport planning and analysis and to improve international comparability of transport statistics.
  • Collection and compilation of transport statistics, including data on motor traffic, road traffic accidents and rail traffic.
  • Dissemination of transport statistics through publications and also through the development and maintenance of the on-line UNECE Transport Statistics Database in order to maintain good quality, relevant, user friendly and timely transport statistics.

Flyer presenting the Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) available in English: