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"MARS" Group meeting (6th Meeting)

02 - 04 October 2008
Bratislava Slovakia


Governments face the challenge of a ensuring that products on their national markets are safe. Yet, they have scarce resources to devote to controls, and the products on the market are ever more complex and diverse. Globalization means that no market can be secured in isolation. We then need a shared vision for market surveillance and enforcement of technical regulations. The MARS group met in Bratislava, Slovakia - at the kind invitation of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing - to discuss a new and original model, the "General Market Surveillance Procedure" which intends to provide guidance to market surveillance authorities in the planning and execution of market surveillance actions. Participants also learned about how the "New legislative framework of the European Union" aims at curbing the proliferation of unsafe and counterfeit products on the markets of EU Member States and the ensuing distortion of competition.

To download the Programme  [.pdf]


    The New EU Market Surveillance Framework by Ms. Rita L'Abbate

    The Mutual Recognition Regulation (EC) 764/2008 by Ms. Rita L'Abbate

    New regulatory package by Ms. Kvetoslava Steinlová

    General Market Surveillance Procedure by Mr. Ivan Hendikx

    Labour Inspection Authorities Surveillance in Slovakia by Mr. Kasana

    The ICSMS system by Ms. Kvetoslava Steinlová

    Implementation of the EU market surveillance framework in the United Kingdom by Ms. Kvetoslava Steinlová

    List of participants


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